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 San Felipe, Baja Real Estate Becomes New Choice for Second Homes and Retirees

More Americans and Canadians are investing in San Felipe, Baja real estate for vacation homes and retirement, according to Latin America real estate Web site.

San Filipe, Mexico (PRWEB) March 28, 2008 -- With new developments in the works and many more for sale right now, San Filipe, Baja real estate is becoming a popular option for Americans and Canadians., a leading real estate site for people interested in Latin America real estate, is seeing more and more people requesting information about homes and condos in this area. This is becoming one of the popular places to retire in Mexico, and one of the more popular places to visit.

San Filipe real estate is found about 350 miles southeast of Los Angeles at the beginning of the northern Sea of Cortez. The population is at 19,263, according to the sign that greets visitors to this sleepy Baja town. Even though there is no airport nearby, 250,000 visitors come from as close as California and as far away as Canada visit here year-round. Many people are looking into places to retire in Mexico as well, and there's a steady increase in the number of people requesting information about San Filipe, according to

The team at Latin American Home Investment wants people to know that buying San Felipe, Baja real estate is different from purchasing homes in the United States and Canada, though. Land rights to all real estate in the restricted zone (100 km. along all borders, 50 km. along all coastlines, all of Baja California) can only be legally vested and recorded in one of two ways. The first is through a Mexican bank trust for all residentially zoned property. The second is through a Mexican corporation for all non-residential real estate. There is no variation in options concerning foreign acquisition in the restricted zone of Mexico.

There are a number of condos for sale in San Felipe, and a couple of unfinished projects are going to reach a high as five stories, though most of them do not reach higher than two stories. This has become a popular place to invest in Latin America real estate, and one of the most popular places to retire in Mexico largely because it has kept its rustic appeal. It is vastly different from some of the other real estate and hot spots in Mexico, such as Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas, because it is off the beaten path.


San Felipe - an attractive Venture Opportunity

Playa de Oro provides a front row seat to what Jacques Cousteau  called, "the aquarium of the World", which is the Sea of Cortez.

Sea of Cortez: The nutrient-rich marine environment shelters the planet's highest whale diversity, nearly 900 species of fish and 34 marine mammal species--82 percent of all those found in the Pacific Northwest. Its more than one million acres of mangroves and coastal lagoons provide a critical nesting ground for hundreds of resident and migratory species.

San Felipe is poised on the pinnacle of a development and tourism explosion. Join with us as we ensure this growth is done responsibly.

San PedroNatural Assets: Perched on the northwestern shore of the beautiful Sea of Cortez, San Felipe lays claim to miles and miles of pristine white sand beaches, and has the majestic San Pedro Martyr Mountains to its back. An ecological biosphere, The Sea of Cortez is the largest protected whale sanctuary in the World and the mouth of the sea is patrolled and protected by Mexican, USA, and Green Peace Ships.

Modern Amenities: A new trauma center complete with state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities including -

  • Laboratory, surgical wing, and full-care facilities;
  • Ambulance and airlift for those wishing or needing immediate U.S. medical care;
  • Excellent pharmaceutical prices

Being a tourist town, the local people welcome the many outsiders that come into town each year and most speak some English. There are numerous recreational and social pursuits to provide an active retirement lifestyle. Life is so comfortable here that many transplants now consider San Felipe their main home.

The foresight of PARKSTRONG in developing their land into an environmentally-friendly subdivision, making it a reasonable and affordable investment, and ensuring a safe and secure community puts Playa de Oro and San Felipe on the charts for venture opportunity.

At a recent developers meeting the Mexican EPA, Profepa, announced that Playa de Oro was the only development in San Felipe that was following all the environmental rules!

As an investment, great vacation haven, or an affordable retirement alternative, Playa de Oro -

Doing Things Right!

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