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Playa De Oro - Recreation Recreation
Recreation for everyone, all the time.

In house

Pools at Playa De OroAt Playa De Oro, we make efforts to facilitate a diverse self-contained and entertaining environment within the development's own boundaries.

The Beach Bar & Grill (bar and restaurant) sits on Playa de Oro's highest point, commanding an absolutely spectacular 360 degree sea, desert and mountain views. It is the place to go if you want afternoon shade, a refreshing beverage and something special to eat. It's adjacent to 2 custom pools, a 62' sports/lap pool, 43' designer pool, and an oversize 10-person Jacuzzi. There is live entertainment on most nights of the week so please be sure to arrive early for assured seating.

The Beaches and pathways are perfect for early morning, afternoon or evenings strolls and will complement the natural beauty of the desert. It is Playa de Oro's objective to make the community as attractive as possible while still complying with the ecological mandates of desert preservation. Playa de Oro is a natural home to the protected garambullo cactus.

Sea of Cortez Islands a World Heritage Site

UNESCO declares the Sea of Cortez Islands a World Heritage Site

"As a biologist who has snorkeled and dived on the Great Barrier Reef and in the kelp forest of the Pacific Northwest, I was astounded at the biological diversity of the Sea of Cortez -- the marine environment compares very favorably to both areas in terms of the number of interesting species of fish, invertebrates, and, well, just about everything." Robin Mittenthal, Sea of Cortez 2008

View from El ArroyoIn its continuing efforts to conserve and protect cultural and natural heritage, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared the Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California (also known as Sea of Cortez) in Baja California, Mexico, a World Heritage Site.

UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites are diverse and unique wonders, such as the Great Wall of China, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Galápagos Islands, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, wildlife preserves in East Africa, the Taj Mahal, Indonesia’s tropical rain forests, and the Grand Canyon in the US. Baja California’s Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California is the newest addition to that impressive list. UNESCO reports that the Islands of the Gulf of California contain “striking natural beauty in a dramatic setting formed by rugged islands with high cliffs and sandy beaches, which contrast with the brilliant reflection from the desert and the surrounding turquoise waters.” The investigators were amazed at the diversity and abundance of bird and marine life, determining that the area “constitutes a unique eco-region of high priority for biodiversity conservation.”

The UNESCO site in the Sea of Cortez is home to 695 plant species, more than any other marine or island property on the World Heritage List. It is home to 891 species of fish (90% of which are endemic), 39% of the world’s total number of marine mammal species, and one third of the world’s marine whale and dolphin species.

Other recreation

When you feel like exploring other possibilities, the San Felipe area offers its own potpourri of diversions.

Cucapá Museum Hiking Dining
Hobie Cat Regatta Beach Combing Karioke
Theatre Desert Combing Shopping
Horseback Riding Foam Party Learn Spanish
Carnavál Windsurfing Kayaking
Jet Skiing
Diving Rock Climbing
Petroglyphs Tennis
Banana Boats
AARP Trips/Tours Valley of the Giants
Bird Watching
Dune Buggy Tours
Hot Air Balloon Circus
Gran Carrera de San Felipe

Hobie Regatta:
Bunjie Jumping
The Hobie Mid-Winters West is an annual event in the bay of San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. Usually held in February, this Hobie Cat Regatta, as the race is called locally, brings contestants from all over the United States. Associated with the North American Hobie Class Association, the Mid WintersWest event is a well-organized affair that offers participants opportunities to socialize with each other during fish taco dinners and margarita parties.
Bunjie Jumping:
Bunjie Jumping
If your timing is right you might be in town during a bungie-jumping episode. A tall crane is moved onto the beach just off the Malecón. The crane's derrick is equipped with a man-sized cage which is hoisted high into the air. An attendant secures the bungie cord to the customer's ankles and he or she makes their leap of faith to the ground far below.
Ultra Lite Rides:
Ultra Lite Rides
During the High Season, there are usually one or two ultralite pilots who have permits to take passengers up for a pelican's eye-view of country. This is a truly rewarding experience and shows you just how beautiful the San Felipe area really
Hot Springs:
Puertecitos is 56 miles south of San Felipe and is home to a pleasant collection of thermal pools. Plan your trip carefully to take advantage of the tides. At high tide the pools are completely covered. Best time is when the tide is a few hours out. Since the pools vary in size and geothermic activity, you have a choice of temperatures.
If you've just rolled over on the beach and closed the cover of your last book, you don't have to dispair about finding more reading material. Whether it be the latest Tom Clancy techno-thriller or the collected letters of Goethe, the San Felipe Title Company will be able to help you. They offer an astonishing selection of books and carry a large number of Baja-related titles as well. You can find them on the corner of Chetumál and Mar de Cortez, on the second floor next to Baja Java

During Spring Break, thousands of college students stream into San Felipe to unwind from their mid-terms and classroom routines. Local bars and discos are prepared for the occasion and have ready a variety of distractions and entertainments, everything from volleyball to foam parties and live band dancing. Popular locations for letting loose are the Beachcomber, Rockodile and the new Boom-Boom complex near the lighthouse. The town is really alive during this time of year. If you decide to visit, Playa de Oro remains relatively peaceful!

Visit our Picture Gallery to view some amazing, breath taking shots of the Baja Area and our beautiful homes.

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