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San Felipe Press Releases

$500,000 Medical Equipment Donation to Local Community in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

$500,000 Medical Equipment Donation to Local Community in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
(PRWEB) - Wednesday, Apr 18 2007, 4:35am

ORIMtec, Playa de Oro, Lions Club team up to provide $500K of needed medial equipment to San Felipe Medical Community.

Playa de Oro resident, Daniel Slepian, recognized a need three years ago for medical equipment in San Felipe. Dan, along with his brother Richard, owners and founders of ORIMtec (a Neurophysological Interoperative Monitoring company), knew of functional medical equipment in hospitals across central and northern California that were being upgraded. With that in mind, Dan set his sights on procuring three truck loads and over $500,000 worth of diverse equipment to provide to the local San Felipe medical community.

Dan acquired an operating room microscope, anesthesia machine, surgical fiber optic head lamps, two ICU beds, and multiple hospital beds, gurneys and other miscellaneous medical equipment. Attaining the equipment was one thing, picking it up, storing and transporting was another.

He approached Bruce Parkman, PM&D Developer of Playa de Oro and Playa San Rafael, who agreed to help. Having already donated tens of thousands of dollars to the medical community, Bruce volunteered to pay for the storage and transporting of the equipment to the border. Experiencing frustrating delays at the border, Dan finally approached the Lions Club of San Felipe for assistance. With the help of the Lions Club, members Gary Dilly, Sam Grubb and Scott Parkman were able to accomplish the mission.

Sam provided three trucks from his company, San Felipe Storage, to bring the equipment across the border and into San Felipe. Dilly, Grubb, and Parkman also donated employee labor to distribute equipment throughout the medical community. At 900 lbs. per bed, this was no easy job! There is one more load waiting in San Luis Obispo with storage and transportation charges again being paid by PM&D. A big thank you from all residents of San Felipe should go to Dan and Richard Slepian. They are truly givers and the amount of work and persuasion it took for Dan to achieve this goal was truly monumental.

Collectively, the Slepians, the Lions Club combined with Dilly, Grub and the Parkmans, have made San Felipe a better place for us all to live and to receive medical care. And, overall, a safer place to be. [ORIMtec was founded in 1988 in Sacramento. Now headquartered in Rancho Cordova, they are providing Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM)__title__ Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring], a cutting-edge, biomedical service that reduces the risk of injury to the nervous system during head, neck and back surgeries. Currently they service over 30 hospitals in Southern Oregon, North, Central and Southern California.

[Playa de Oro and Playa San Rafael are Premier Residential Subdivisions, San Felipe real estate developed by Parkstrong M&D in San Felipe, Baja Mexico.__title__ San Felipe Real Estate Baja Mexico] They provide ownership in Gated Sea Side ocean beach real estate with USA Title Insurance just a 2 hour drive south of the USA border on the Sea of Cortez.

Playa de Oro's Developer, PM&D, has been active in the community since 2001. From paying a very needed City employee's wages, gas for ambulances, supplying food for Children's day, material and labor for the new humane Society, and over $40,000 to St. James (now San Felipe Hospital), PM&D shows its support to the community and a willingness to work for the good of all.


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