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Mexico Real Estate

Real Estate in MexicoMexico has thousands of miles of pristine coastline, wonderful colonial cities which boast architectural wonders stretching back many hundreds of years, and diverse expatriate communities of Americans and Canadians scattered throughout the country. The Mexican government is encouraging the expansion of tourism and investment in Mexico. Anyone can acquire real estate in Mexico if some simple rules are understood.

Some Clarifications
Mexicans by birth or naturalization can buy real estate anywhere in Mexico.
Foreigners may purchase real estate directly in their own names throughout the interior of Mexico.
In addition, foreigners may buy property near the border and the coastline in the area referred to as the restricted zone (about 31 miles inland from the ocean and about 62 miles from the borders) as the beneficiary of a bank trust.

Mexican Currency
The Mexican Peso has been the strongest currency in the world (yes, in the world) in the past four years. The Peso is now slightly overvalued against many other world currencies. Still capital inflow from North of the border and oil export revenues will keep the currency very stable.

Mexico Real Estate - Prospects
Thousands of people from countries around the world own real estate in many parts of Mexico. It has been estimated that 300,000 to 500,000 Americans and Canadians spend over six months each year in Mexico. Many own real estate. As U.S. baby boomers grow older, more and more will be setting their sights on a secure retirement which includes spending part of the year in Mexico. Many will buy a condo, house or villa in one of the many choice beachfront or other interesting locations around the country.

Currently the states of Arizona and Sonora are working together to develop reciprocal licensing requirements for real estate agents--classroom training, experience, and background checks. As the two countries become more similar in their real estate practices and procedures, buying real estate in Mexico will become even easier for American citizens.

Baja Real Estate

Baja - AttractionsThe desert of Baja California is one of the last unspoiled and little explored places on earth.

You can visit sites of ecological and cultural interest. You may swim, snorkel, or dive in the Sea of Cortez, or get a tan on lonely beaches. You may also visit mysterious cave paintings, or the ruins of ancient gold and silver mines. Visit the first missions on the continent, or simply tour the desert, far away from any civilization.

The Baja Economy

  • Baja has a lower 10% value added tax compared to 15% mainland.
  • Property taxes are still extremely low and stand at about 0.2% per year over commercial value.
  • Baja population is growing at 3.8% rate.

For mere pennies on the dollar you could own your own ocean front lot and live there for much less than living anywhere else in the United States

Baja's climate makes it perfect for winter escapes. Imagine migrating away from a blustery cold day where your neighbors are shoveling 2 feet of snow, to the recesses of your own personal get-away bungalow with an ocean view and 70-80 degree weather outside.
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