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Mexican Health Care

Health Care Premiums savings of $13,600 per year            

Savein Money

Our Health Care Premiums went from $17K per year in USA to $3.4K for excellent coverage here in Baja.

Dennis and Sandi Flannigan’s experience shows how the American health system fails people. 

The availability of Mexican private insurance influenced their decision to move to Mexico. He says, “In 2003, my wife Sandi and I were covered by Blue Cross with a number (of) pre-existing conditions that made it nearly impossible to have any type of protection should some emergency arise. Our family doctor evaluated us and took every piece of information to the insurance companies. If you took glucosamine and chondroitin supplement as a preventative for joint problems, it was listed as ‘severe arthritis.’ Preventive aspirin programs were taken to mean high blood pressure. Sandi had had one migraine headache treated at the hospital. I had a visit that also put me in the 'High Risk' category. All vitamins and measures taken for preventive maintenance merely raise your rates.”

Dr AbasoloHe adds, “When our physician turned this information in, we had so many pre-existing (conditions) that we had to be state subsidized. By the time 4 years had elapsed in the States with no claims, our monthly premium was $1389.00 and going up every month. The care, affordability and quality of coverage was a main factor in our move here. My friends in the States basically cannot afford coverage. When a situation arises, it can make or break a family’s living style.”

Flannigan applied for private Mexican insurance from Grupo Nacional Provincial, a company with more than 100 years in the insurance business. He was evaluated by San Felipe physician Dr. Abasolo. “When we arrived, Dr. Abasolo gave me physical which came out very positive with no preexisting conditions,” says Flannigan. “A rate for me at that time (was) about $143 a month with a company called GNP. Our business was welcome. We were treated with respect. Suddenly our lives had changed with the peace of mind now afforded us.” 

But for many like Flannigan, this is the best possible option. He says, “Now, if something happens to me, I at least have coverage. It’s good coverage. I have good doctors. The hospitals are clean. I’m not so sure that I haven’t had better care (in Mexico). They are not running in and out like you are just a number, like (in) the United States. So I have been really pleased.”

He describes a recent hospitalization for surgery. He says, “I had a herniatedGreat Care navel. I was diagnosed by Dr. Abasolo on Friday. I went to the hospital on Saturday and was back by actually Monday because I chose to stay an extra day.”

There are some surgeries that can be done in San Felipe, but this procedure needed to be done quickly. They went to a hospital in Mexicali. While Flannigan says the hospital was not “cushy,” it was clean and he got very good care.

USA RN Impressed with pre-op through surgery

Great Doctors & Nurses

USA Registered nurse says   "I was impressed with the entire processing of me from the pre-op room through the surgery."

Consider the example of Catherine Jones, a registered nurse and breast cancer survivor. 

While living in San Felipe, Mexico, she enrolled in the IMSS program. She considers herself very fortunate. “I had (IMSS) from 2002-2006,” says Jones. “The process of getting the insurance in Mexicali was easy. Thank God that I had that insurance when I was diagnosed. I had no other insurance at that time. It literally helped to save my life. The doctor at the San Felipe clinic for IMSS referred me to Mexicali to have a physical and a mammogram. The mammogram showed probable cancer of the left breast. They referred me to an oncology surgeon. They promptly scheduled me for surgery.”  

Jones continues, “I am a registered nurse with many years of working in the oThanks Insuredperating room and emergency room. I was impressed with the entire processing of me from the preop room through the surgery. As it turned out I had metastatic cancer. It had already gotten into 4 of my left axillary nodes. The surgeon did a beautiful job with the surgery. I had NO complications and they were fast at getting me set up for chemo, and after the chemo, radiation.”

Jones added, “I can't say enough for the treatment I received from IMSS.”

reprinted from Mexico Living Magazine

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